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Revitalise your brain with our natural brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) activator*

Do more for your wonderful, hard-working brain.


NeuroAngels works by supporting the 6 main indicators of healthy brain function:

Memory, Learning, Reasoning, Focus, Accuracy, and Concentration. 


Adding a brain care food to your daily health routine makes sense and will reward you in the long-term. NeuroAngels is expertly formulated to support and optimise brain health and function.


Our cascara powder contains added nutritional support with a careful balance of essential vitamins based on a wealth of published research and with full EFSA health claim approval.

*With added Iodine which contributes to normal cognitive function and Chromium which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose concentrations. EFSA approved.

Brain Scans

Our History

Nick and Max, co-founders:

'Having experienced brain-fog during stressful points in our lives we aim to make brain-health a priority for all ages and stages of life'.

Our company was built directly from the need to support people with brain degeneration, dementia, brainfog, menopause and memory issues. Our motto is 'one brain has to last a lifetime'.

Friends Drinking Coffee

What is coffee cascara?

Coffee cascara has natural chemicals that stimulate BDNF in the brain

Coffee cascara is the starting point for all of our products which help improve your mental health and physical wellbeing.

​Coffee Cascara has huge benefits for everyone, from students needing to focus on their studying and exams, to the elderly ensuring their brain function and memory are as good as when they were younger, for optimising cognitive function and reducing brain fog during menopause, to sportsmen wanting perfect clarity and improved reactions when training and competing.

Featured Products

The featured range from NeuroAngels

Start your journey today!

Sandy Beach


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